Babysitters with Bling* 

We bring fun and creativity wherever we go 


Our sitters bring arts & crafts to hotels & events on the Monterey Peninsula 

Kids' Paintings

We offer arts & crafts-based premium babysitting experiences for families visiting Monterey Bay. 

Art on Wheels Childcare is the only arts and crafts-based child sitting service in California. Every sitter from Art on Wheels is trained, certified, and, most importantly, your kids will love us! 

We love to inspire children through fun art projects.  Each sitter brings their own Art Cart filled with plenty of supplies to create lots of engaging and unique art experiences.


And we come prepared to play games, read, dance to music, or build stuff!  Play-doh, Legos, books, puzzles, and stuffed animals are all part of the Art on Wheels experience. 

Projects your kids will love:
1. Make a Beach in a Jar:

Sand from Carmel and Monterey, seashells, pebbles, and adorable embellishments
2. Create a Character Collage:

Mickey Mouse, Superheros or Shabby Chic collage keepsake. 

We believe all children have a way of expressing themselves through art, and each piece unique and BE/YOU/TI/FULL as they are! 

We also take care of your beloved doggies!!


"Ms. Nicole is fantastic and my girls love all of her projects especially "Shabby Chic". They have been doing art activities with her for at least two years now and they always come home with smiles on their faces and feel very accomplished with themselves. They make adorable projects and they are so proud of and I love seeing there creative sides so encouraged and nurtured.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is interested in art!!"

Judy Quynh

"Nicole hosted my daughters 5th birthday. It was a fairy Garden Tea party. She was absolutely amazing not only with the kids but her decorations and personalized details were phenomenal! She made my daughter feel very special on her big day! I will definitely will use her again and highly recommend her!".

Melissa Dyer


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